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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poem: No name and no face

No name and no face,

A story was it.

It wasn’t my place,

But your story just hit

Something in my heart

That made me want to cry

I wanted to be there for a stranger

With beautiful eyes.

Two broken hearts

With few words between us,

Somehow I felt

It wasn’t the end.

What can I say?

Facebook friends are easy to come by.

But messages in my inbox

Usually catch my eye.

A casual greeting

Made me nearly jump for joy.

I wanted to dance and sing

Over this new, strange boy.

I could never figure

If you were flirting or not.

You had peaked my interest,

And were obviously hot.

I tried so hard

To stay focused on my life.

But your messages kept coming,

And out came the knife

That I felt in my hear t

From previous hurt.

So along came the fairy tale,

But could it actually work?

At first I held on

To logic and reason.

My head told me, “no!

It’s not the right season.

Keep your heart to yourself,

He’s nothing but trouble.

You’ve done this before.

Your pain will just double.”

You were at arm’s length.

I thought you should just go.

I tried to just forget,

But my heart said, “no!”

Before I knew it,

You were winning the game.

You had me going crazy.

I would never be the same.

I wanted to run away with you.

…Who does that? For real?

But thank goodness, I stopped me.

I couldn’t miss a meal.

It was a fantasy that I wanted

Like never before.

You made me realize:

In my life, there’s something more.

I always think that my way

Is the best that there could be.

I often forget that God

Has a better plan for me.

So for the first time

That I can ever recall,

I stopped trying to micromanage,

And let go of it all.

There’s things I can’t control.

That’s the way that life is.

Where this goes, no one knows.

That’s the way that life is.

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